Professional 3-D CAD Solutions for all Industries

SolidFlo Engineering provides expert CAD services for part development and tooling design, driven from a manufacturing mindset.
Our main purpose is to provide our clients with streamlined CAD designs to improve quality, efficiency, and to cut manufacturing costs at all levels.

We are equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art computer workstations to keep up with today’s software demands. SFE uses fully licensed CAD software called PowerShape® from Autodesk®.

PowerShape® is a powerful, parametric solid/assembly program for complex part development & design. Although today’s parametric solid programs are fully dynamic, some unique situations need to be brought down to a NURBS surface level.  This is just one area where our design software excels beyond many others as any shape or contour can be achieved.

Toolmaker is an add-on licensed module within PowerShape that is specifically for Tool & Electrode design, with built-in mold & die bases from the leading manufacturers in the industry.


SolidFlo Engineering provides 3-D digital CAD data files in a wide array of formats including Neutral (IGES, STEP, STL & X_T Parasolid) and native formats for certain CAD systems.

Web conferencing available to share screens and discuss designs in real-time, ensuring the best possible form of communication from the convenience of your own computer, or personal device.

Our team specializes in the Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Appliance, Food, Marine, Defense and Heavy equipment industries. 

We offer FREE consultations and quotes to discuss your plan and overall project needs.

Our founders each have 27+ years’ experience both from a Corporate/Executive Tier 1 supplier level, to leading the design & engineering of prototype/production plastic injection molds, metal stamping dies, plastic/metal over-molds, castings, rapid prototype, and much more. 

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SolidFlo Engineering is proudly located in the Metro-Detroit area of Michigan, USA.

SFE is a Proud Sponsor of the American Lung Association Social Climbers Fight for Air Climb Detroit Team that is taking place on May 23, 2021 in Detroit Michigan.

“No elevator. No escalator. We’re taking the stairs… to the very top of some of America’s most iconic skyscrapers. Join us at the American Lung Association’s signature indoor event series, the Fight for Air Climb.”

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